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Seamless Heating and Cooling Pressing Machine Parts

  • Water Pump for Shoe Machine
    The high-quality TS water pump can ensure a stable flow of cooling water, to ensure that the cooling plate is effectively cooled, and then ensure that the upper mold is well cooled, so that the factory could get the outstanding stability of the shoe-uppers.   Contact us by WhatsApp: +8615960413802
  • Shoe Upper Mould
    The style of the upper mold plays a vital role in the quality of a pair of shoes, and the quality of the molde de capelladas has a decisive effect on the quality of the upper and the output of the factory.   Contact us by WhatsApp: +8615960413802
  • Silicon Plate for Shoe Machine
    TS silicon sheet is used for protect the pines of shoe-upper mould, and it is functioned to make the embossing more impressive, and it also can help protect the shoe upper material to avoid damage of the heavy pressure.   Contact us by WhatsApp: +8615960413802
  • Blue Glue for Shoe Machine
    TS Blue Glue is used to stick the silicon sheet to the pressing machine plate, so that it could fit tightly. This glue can bear one temperature 250-300 degrees.   Contact us by WhatsApp: +8615960413802
  • Pressure Regulator for Shoe Machine
    TS pressure regulator is used to adjust the pressure according to the demand of the shoe-upper production, which is decided by the shoe upper material and the shoe upper styles.   Contact us by WhatsApp: +8615960413802
  • Water Chiller for Shoe Machine
    The high-efficiency TS water chiller can help the mold cool down well and make the upper more stable. Ice Water Machine is very important for the quality of shoe-uppers.   Contact us by WhatsApp: +8615960413802
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