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A New Material Made From Leather Scrap Fiber

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-03-04      Origin: Site

A company in the United States invented a method that can convert the scraps produced in a tannery into a new material without the use of polymeric binders. Brands including Timberland use it as a material for shoe production.

Leather scraps are often used to make recycled leather products. However, a company in the United States found a way to make a new material using the fibers of leather scraps. The company claims that the new material the company has introduced has the same properties as leather, but it is not made from a whole piece of cowhide.

This new material is a sustainable composite material processed from leather scraps. The company said that this new material is not in competition with natural leather, but becomes a part of the supply chain. We work with tannery and leather product manufacturers to transform tannery scraps into a value-added product.

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