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Can The Laser Cutting Machine Work Continuously?

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-04-17      Origin: Site

The laser cutting machine mainly uses laser to cut the equipment. This equipment replaces the traditional mechanical knife and has the advantages of high precision and fast cutting. For this kind of equipment, many manufacturers would like to continue to work, including many people will also consider the working time and loss of equipment when purchasing. So, can the device really work continuously? Let's answer it below.

1. The service life of the consumables to be replaced by the cutting machine is in months. Unlike some other equipment, consumables must be replaced within a certain period of time. Can be adapted to 24 hours processing. Most factories and customers work continuously after running the laser cutting machine, and for a longer period of time, there is no shutdown after two months of continuous cutting.

2. It can be used to have several or more exchangeable workstations to be processed at the same time, after cutting the previous material, it will automatically switch to the next material for cutting, or another large-scale laser cutting machine. For equipment with a large effective cutting range, several steel plates or even more steel plates are placed on the work platform for unmanned and automatic processing.

3. Whether it can cut continuously depends on the technology of the cutting machine manufacturer.

Through the introduction, we learned that, in fact, most laser cutting machines can work continuously, but some of them cannot meet the requirements of continuous work, which mainly depends on the quality of the equipment and the performance of various aspects. If the quality is up to the standard, it can work continuously with good performance. It mainly depends on the quality of the equipment purchased at that time. Good quality determines long-term work efficiency.

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