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Dust Removal Method Of Laser Cutting Machine

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-01-23      Origin: Site

In recent years, my country's manufacturing industry has shown a rapid growth trend, and the amount of plate cutting processing has risen sharply. People are eager to maximize the cutting efficiency. Therefore, laser cutting machines have advantages in cutting speed, cutting quality, and shortening the time for changing plates. The use of has gradually become a trend. With the increasing calls for energy conservation, emission reduction, and environmental protection around us, strict environmental inspections and strict inspections of production are used in most companies south of the Yangtze River in my country that have moderate cutting processing volumes. The reason is that in addition to its better economics, we also value the efficiency of its smoke and dust treatment and its good sustainability. After all, in the current situation, when selecting equipment, its environmental performance is often very high. The role of being selected or not.

The laser cutting machine will not generate a large amount of harmful smoke during operation like traditional plasma cutting or other cutting methods, which will harm the health of the operator and the surrounding personnel. For laser cutting in the workshop, local smoke and dust treatment can be used. In addition to the comprehensive ventilation in the workshop to reduce and eliminate the impact, most laser cutting machine manufacturers currently have dust removal devices on their equipment, and generally use wet or dry processing methods.

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