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What Factors Affect The Cutting Effect Of Laser Cutting Machine

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-05-10      Origin: Site

The laser cutting machine adopts the laser method, which can cut some sheet materials that need to be processed, and is a common cutting tool. Under normal circumstances, when we use this equipment for cutting, we must pay attention to some factors that may affect the cutting effect of the cutting machine?

1. Laser beam quality. The beam produced by the laser actually has a certain divergence angle, so that when we use the laser cutting machine to cut the workpiece, it will form a certain taper, so the quality of the laser beam has an important impact on the cutting accuracy. The focus generally does not need to be adjusted repeatedly after the alignment, and generally needs to be adjusted when there are obvious defects in the cutting effect.

2. Different cutting materials. Different cutting materials have different cutting quality. When the laser is cutting, we will see a light spot moving on the workpiece. The smaller the light spot, the better the cutting quality. In addition to the laser beam quality affecting the spot, the material of the workpiece itself also affects the size of the spot. Materials with high reflectance like copper are not conducive to the formation of light spots, so copper has high requirements for laser cutting machines. Before changing the board, be sure to perform the necessary trial cutting to ensure that there is no problem in the processing process.

3. The thickness of the material. In the case of the same material, the greater the thickness of the cut piece, the wider the slit and the lower the accuracy, and the cut edges are not very smooth.

4. Cutting speed. To achieve cutting, cutting speed is important. If other parameters remain unchanged, the cutting speed of the laser cutting machine is too slow or too fast to achieve good cutting results. If the speed is too slow, the roughness of the slit may be very large. Speeding up the speed can reduce the roughness, but if the speed is too fast, it may not cut through. So it is essential to control the speed.

For example, the laser beam, the thickness of the material and the cutting speed, these factors will affect the cutting effect of the laser cutting machine. Therefore, we need to adjust and control the laser beam and cutting speed.


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