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Basic knowledge of shoes

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Basic knowledge of shoes

[Outsole - Outsole]

Function: It provides friction and wear resistance, and is the first line of defense against external shocks. Usually consists of the following materials:

     Carbon Rubber /BRS 1000 - Carbon Rubber

A wear-resistant material with excellent performance, and the only rubber that leaves a mark. Generally used on running shoes.

Solid Rubber - hard rubber

The most commonly used rubber. Stable performance, wear-resistant and non-slip. Commonly used in basketball shoes and all-around shoes.


DRC (Durable Rubber Compound) - wear-resistant rubber

As the name implies, it is a tough and durable rubber. Especially suitable for the manufacture of tennis shoes.


Gum Rubber / Natural Rubber - Natural Rubber

Soft but not wear-resistant enough. But its excellent friction is used to make some indoor sports shoes, such as volleyball and badminton.


Regrind - Eco-friendly Rubber

A wear-resistant material containing 10 % recycled rubber. It can reduce the waste of rubber and play a role in environmental protection.


Duralon - Inflatable Rubber

Air-containing rubber. When impacted by an external force, the gas in the rubber is pressed out, which has a certain cushioning effect.

Sticky Rubber - sticky rubber

It is used for bodybuilding soles and has good anti-skid effect.


[Midsole - midsole]

Function: It provides cushioning, stability and flexibility, and is the most important part of the shoe.

EVA - Foam

Lightweight, cost-effective midsole material.


Phylon - lightweight material

A material that is extremely light in weight, flexible in texture, and slightly expensive. It is easy to recognize because of the fine wrinkles it produces.


PU(Polyurethane) - Polyurethane

Of the three materials, it is the toughest and the strongest. Smooth and has a rubbery texture.

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