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Disordered Texturing Process Of Laser Cutting Machine

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-01-15      Origin: Site

The use of laser cutting machines is becoming more and more popular and people's favor. In the process of use, the performance of this equipment is good, so what process and technical performance are there to make this equipment have good functions? The following article will explain in detail the disordered texturing process of this equipment, let's take a look together.

In the industry, we often see the use of lint-free boards. This kind of board is produced by modern laser cutting machine random texturing technology, and its surface shows disorderly pockmarked surface. This kind of board has deep drawing and extensibility. Very high, better performance than the textured board produced by EDM technology.

Using fiber laser to randomly texturing the roll, the height of the formed boss is 2-25μm, the diameter of the smallest dot is 75μm, the depth of the pit is also 2-20μm, and the surface roughness of the roll can reach 0.5-15μm. The roughness Ra value has a small correlation with the number of peaks per centimeter Rpc value. Rpc can reach 40-120.

We can see that every texturing point will have a boss, which will be protected by carbon dioxide during the metallurgical melting and solidification process, and the laser heating and cooling speed is very fast, so the resulting boss will become harder. The boss transfer rate is generally 80%, so it will increase the amount of steel passing through the roll.

The fiber laser has a high photoelectric conversion rate and good beam quality. The equipment is imported from abroad, which can achieve a photoelectric conversion efficiency of 28%. The laser cutting machine using fiber laser can run stably for a long time and can meet the needs of more production lines, so this disordered texturing technology can reduce operating costs.

The texturing process can be set according to specific requirements, and various processing parameters can be adjusted for different shapes of steel plates, such as laser power, axial density, circumferential frequency distribution, side blowing type, side blowing angle and flow rate, etc. The corresponding topography roll is formed.

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