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Know the standards of safety shoes

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-06-06      Origin: Site

1. The material of the sole

Commonly used are full rubber, vulcanized rubber, or polyvinyl chloride.

.The main function of the sole is wear resistance, chemical resistance, heat insulation and oil resistance. However, due to the different characteristics of each material, the functions are also different.

·The midsole of safety shoes is equipped with steel sheets to prevent the sole from being pierced by nails or hard objects.

.In addition, soles made of certain materials can reduce the generation of static electricity or slow down the speed of static electricity discharge. This controls the possibility of static electricity causing an explosion or fire.

  2. sole design

In addition to using non-slip rubber soles, the design of the soles is also very important for the anti-slip function.

3. The material of the shoe body

There are leather, artificial leather, polyvinyl chloride and synthetic fibers. Each of these substances has advantages, such as:

.The leather shoe body is more durable and more comfortable to wear, but the function of resisting corrosive liquid damage is not good.

.Faux leather is suitable for waterproofing, corrosive chemicals or other pollutants, but if the surface is worn, the function will be affected.

.PVC is best used in wet and slippery environments and is also easy to clean, but can be broken down by some chemicals.

.Synthetic fiber shoe body is easier to clean, and can resist the decomposition of chemicals.

4. shoe body design

With reference to European standards, there are the following 5 styles.

A. Shoes;

B. Ankle boots;

C. Half-knee boots;

D. knee boots;

E. Leg boots.

5. Toe cap selection

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