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Knowledge of shoes (三)

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-05-27      Origin: Site

6. aerobic shoes

Generally high-top, relatively light. The soles with not deep patterns are suitable for sports on the carpet; the soles with deep or multi-directional patterns are suitable for sports on wooden floors.

7. Skateboard shoes

Some people also call them "casual shoes". The shoes are relatively light, and the rubber sole emphasizes the grip performance, which can better grip the skateboard.

8. Hiking shoes

When hiking in the wild, you often walk on sand and uneven ground, and sometimes you need to walk through mountain streams. Hikers carry heavy backpacks on their shoulders, which are prone to sprains and slips. Therefore, hiking shoes are generally mid-cut, with bumps on the soles, emphasizing grip performance.

9. hiking shoes

Because they have to face harsh environments and cold and windy weather, these shoes are generally heavy, very strong, extremely tough, and require very good warmth retention. If you are going to a snow-capped mountain, professional high-altitude hiking boots are generally double-layered. The outer boots are made of plastic, and the inner boots are made of warm and breathable materials, which can withstand the severe cold of minus 40 degrees Celsius. Full hard sole for use with crampons or snowboards.

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