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Knowledge of shoes (二)

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-05-30      Origin: Site

3. Running shoes

In appearance, the toe and heel are a little warped, like a boat. The forefoot is wide with plenty of room for the toes to spread out. The toe cap is overturned, and the shock force generated during running is equivalent to 2-3 times the body weight, so the midsole of running shoes mostly adopts a high-density long thickened shock-absorbing design. In addition, people will produce a lot of sweat during strenuous exercise, and the soles of the feet are the parts where sweat accumulates the most. Therefore, the ventilation and air permeability of running shoes is very critical. The upper material is mostly made of nylon mesh to increase air permeability.

4. Football shoes

Soccer shoes are easier to identify. Generally speaking, football shoes look much smarter, and the body of the shoes is thinner and fits better. The more prominent feature is that the sole has molded studs and convertible studs, which can adapt to the football field and provide good grip. The toe cap and upper are marked, which can prevent deformation and be durable.

5. all-round sports shoes

Suitable for those who like to play a variety of sports and only practice a few times a week. Divided into two types: training type and speed type. The toe of the training type is slightly warped, with overturned rubber, and the upper is mostly made of nylon mesh; the speed type is similar to running shoes.

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