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Knowledge of shoes (一)

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-06-02      Origin: Site

  1. Basketball shoes

The soles are generally water ripples or herringbone patterns, and the uppers are made of thin leather. The appearance is mostly medium and high-top shapes to protect the ankles and prevent injuries. The impact force produced by a basketball player when bouncing is equivalent to ten times the athlete's body weight; when sliding sideways, the impact force on the side of the foot is equivalent to 2-3 times the athlete's body weight. Therefore, basketball shoes must have a strong shock absorption force, and the outsoles of the shoes are mostly made of materials with shock-absorbing protection functions such as rubber and EVA materials.

  2. Tennis shoes

Tennis shoes are generally rough water ripples, because tennis courts are mostly hard courts, and the ground is rougher than basketball courts, so wear-resistant soles are very important, mostly rubber soles. Most of the uppers are designed as low tops with overturned rubber, and the forefoot is relatively wide. The heel soles of tennis shoes generally retract inward with a small slope. Because of frequent retreat, the heel of the shoes is cut a little, which can adjust the center of gravity and keep the body stable. There is a bridge design in the middle of the sole to enhance lateral stability, avoid sprains, and protect the ankle.

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