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Laser Cutting Machine Lens Cleaning And Maintenance Instructions

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-04-08      Origin: Site

Laser lens wiping steps:

(1) Wash hands clean, blow dry or wait to dry

(2) Put on finger cots

(3) Gently take out the lens for inspection

(4) First blow off the dust on the lens surface with an air ball or nitrogen

(5) Use a cotton ball moistened with lens fluid to stick away the residue

(6) Wipe gently with lens cleaning paper and a suitable amount of lens cleaning liquid. Do not wipe with a rotating method

(7) Replace the lens cleaning paper, and repeat step 6, do not reuse the same lens cleaning paper

(8) Use an air ball to blow the mirror clean

Laser lens maintenance taboo:

(1) Touch the mirror with your hand

(2) Breath on the mirror surface or blow with air from an air compressor

(3) The mirror surface directly touches the surface of the hard object

(4) Wipe with non-lens cleaning paper (stick) or wipe the lens forcefully

(5) Press firmly when disassembling the lens

The equipment performance of the laser cutting machine is excellent, and the performance of each part is good to make the performance of the whole equipment good. Therefore, the maintenance and cleaning steps and precautions of some detailed parts must be kept in mind, otherwise it will cause damage to the equipment. Cause the loss of funds.


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