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Safety Operation Rules Of Laser Cutting Machine

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Before work

1. Check whether the water temperature of the laser and chiller is normal;

2. Check whether the gas pressure meets the requirements;

3. Check whether the exhaust fan, refrigeration dryer and industrial circulating chiller work normally;

4. Check whether the focusing lens is contaminated (the carbon dioxide laser is directly pulled out the lens to observe, and the fiber laser is running for half an hour and feel whether the temperature at the focusing lens housing is abnormal, and the device can be turned on after ensuring that there is no abnormality)

At work

1. Turn on the machine in strict accordance with the sequence of power on and off to prevent the electrical components of the machine from being burned out, and equipment damage caused by illegal operation is at your own risk;

2. It is forbidden to turn on the power MCB with wet hands to prevent electric shock;

3. When opening the liquid gas, the face must not face the gas exhaust port to prevent frostbite. You must wear antifreeze gloves during operation. It is forbidden to smoke near the gas and in the workshop to prevent fire;

4. Confirm the type of material, material thickness and material size when cutting;

5. After loading the program and adjusting the cutting parameters, simulate the cutting program, and then execute the cutting program after ensuring that it is correct;

6. The radiation protection door of the machine tool must be closed when operating the machine;

7. You must wear anti-radiation glasses when operating IPG lasers, otherwise it is prohibited to operate the machine;

8. It is forbidden to look directly at the cutting sparks with the naked eye during the cutting process, otherwise stabbing the eyes;

9. Non-professionals are prohibited from opening the laser shell to prevent electric shock;

10. It is strictly forbidden for the operator to leave the console while the machine is running;

11. During operation, if the part rotates and needs to be dealt with, it is necessary to suspend the program and set the magnification to "0", and turn off the light before entering the working area of the machine tool to deal with the fault. During the process of the operator handling the fault, No one is allowed to enter the operating area to manipulate the machine

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