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Types And Applications Of Industrial Lubricants

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-02-11      Origin: Site

1. Common gasoline engine oil and diesel engine oil. Gasoline engine oil is mainly used for various gasoline engines and gasoline cars; while diesel engine oil is mainly used for diesel engines, diesel cars, tractors and so on. The main function of this kind of lubricating oil is lubrication and cooling.

2. Including high-speed machine oils in the category of machine oils. Generally, this type of oil includes machine oil and heavy machine oil, which are mainly used for sewing machines, textile machines, and various lathes. Like automobile oil and automobile diesel, the main function of mechanical oil is also to provide lubrication.

3. Turbine oil, compressor oil, cylinder oil and refrigeration oil. According to their names, we know that they are used in compressors, refrigerators, steam turbines and other machinery, and cylinder oil is mainly used in steam locomotives and in the cylinders that are directly in contact with steam. This type of oil mainly serves as a seal.

4. Hydraulic oil, this type of oil is mainly used as the transmission medium of various hydraulic machinery, such as the transmission mechanism of automobiles, mining machinery, etc., will use hydraulic oil.

5. Gear oil, gear oil is generally divided into automobile, tractor rotating gear oil and industrial gear oil. Industrial gear oils are generally mainly used in industrial machinery in various industries, such as gear transmission mechanisms such as rolling mills and rotary furnaces. Automobile and tractor gear oils are mainly used in the gearboxes and gearboxes of automobiles and tractors. It is also used in hyperbolic gear transmissions of luxury cars and off-road vehicles.

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