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What is Chinese shoe size

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1. What is Chinese shoe size

People's feet are big and small, thin and fat. In order to facilitate the selection of shoes suitable for various foot types, a scientific method is required.

, Reasonable and clear specification classification marks.

   The shoe size is the length of the shoe. There are also models in the shoe size, which is a sign of fat and thin shoes. commonly known as shoes

code. Now the shoe sizes used in the world are very inconsistent, such as French size, British size, US size, Japanese size, etc., each has its own set. However, although the shoe sizes adopted by various countries are different, their basic coding methods are based on the length of the insole of the shoe (that is, the length of the last) as the basis for coding the shoe size. Its disadvantage is that the size of the shoe and the length of the foot do not match.

   In the past, the shoe sizes used in our country were also very confusing. Leather shoes, cloth shoes, rubber shoes, and plastic shoes were all different. Some use codes, some use inches, some use market inches, some use centimeters, and some use codes such as 1, 2, 3, 4, large, medium, and small. Although the insole length of the shoe is used as the basis for formulating the shoe size, the calculation methods are different. Some measure the straight line length of the bottom of the last; some calculate it according to the curve length of the bottom of the last; This makes the shoe size specifications of finished shoes inconsistent. Not only that, but the way of expression is also different. There are various shoe sizes for the same foot length, and there are often more than one shoe size for the same pair of feet.

   In the past, due to the mixed shoe sizes used in our country, the calculation and expression methods of the codes were different, which not only affected the purchase of consumers, but also affected business management and industrial production. In order to completely change the mixed situation of shoe sizes in my country, the Ministry of Light Industry has conducted large-scale investigations and studies four times since 1956, obtained tens of millions of data, conducted scientific analysis and research, and found out the characteristics of Chinese foot shapes. The basic rules and their characteristics, and after many repeated scientific experiments and actual try-ons, a set of relatively scientific and reasonable "Chinese shoe numbers" (also known as new shoe numbers) was formulated to achieve the unity of the "four shoes". It has eliminated the backward situation of chaotic shoe sizes in my country's shoemaking industry.

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