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Application Of Adhesives In The Field Of Shoes Making

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-07-04      Origin: Site

There are many shoe components, and the requirements for glue types are different. There are also many types of glue available. Adhesives for shoemaking can be divided in different ways:

According to the object to be glued: glue bottom glue, stretch glue, squeeze glue, lining glue, cloth glue

According to the main components: rubber glue, graft glue, polyurethane glue, sbs glue, starch glue, other glue, hot melt glue, including polyethylene hot melt glue and other adhesives.

Divided according to the way of existence: solution glue, emulsion glue, hot melt glue, hot melt glue can be divided into powder, glue strip, film and so on according to appearance.

According to curing method: room temperature curing adhesive (cold adhesive), heating curing adhesive, reflection curing adhesive, etc.

Basic performance requirements of adhesives for shoemaking: Like any other adhesives, in addition to the requirements of non-toxic, odorless, stable, easy to apply glue, and low price, shoe adhesives for different purposes have their own special requirements. The most demanding adhesives used in the shoe industry mainly include: bottom glue, stretch glue, and cloth glue, among which the most demanding glue is bottom glue. Currently: Adhesive base adhesives are mainly solvent-based neoprene and polyurethane adhesives. Environmental protection water-based glue has become the mainstream of adhesives in the shoe industry. According to relevant statistics, nearly 95% of the production in my country's shoe industry uses neoprene adhesive solvent-based glue. The solvent of this adhesive contains harmful to the body. The "triphenyl", which is also easy to produce toxic gases, is self-evident to the environment, and it will also cause discomfort to the producers. Therefore, in this regard, experts also decisively and unanimously suggest that shoe companies should use as much as possible water-based polyurethane shoe outsole adhesives that are less toxic or non-toxic in the market. This way they not only actively respond to the environmental protection advocated by the government Production of new concepts, but also to protect shoe employees from the harm of toxic shoe gas

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