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What Are The Uses Of Mesh Material?

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-05-03      Origin: Site

Mesh cloth refers to the cloth with mesh. Most of the mesh cloth in the current market is made of polyester, and a small part is made of nylon (Nylon). In order to make the cloth more elastic, some businesses are A small amount of spandex (About 5%) is mixed into the mesh fabric.

The characteristics of different types of mesh fabrics will also have deviations. The porous structure of the mesh fabric determines that the fabric will have good air permeability.

The first type is the mesh fabric used to make shoes, such as the uppers of all kinds of casual shoes. This kind of mesh fabric is designed with high-strength mesh, has breathability, light weight, and excellent elasticity, such as running shoes such as Anta and Nike. They are all made of this kind of mesh. The production cost is relatively high.

The second type is the mesh fabric used to make nets in the field of work clothes. For example, nets can be used to make summer work clothes, curtains and other fabrics. Most of the raw materials they use are polyester, nylon and so on. It is woven by organic woven cloth or knitting needles. Because the raw material itself has good toughness, the products made of this kind of mesh are not easy to break.

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