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What Is Microfiber?

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-05-06      Origin: Site

What is microfiber? Microfiber fabric is a new type of pollution-free high-tech textile fabric. Its composition is produced by the organic compound of polyester and nylon. Generally, fibers with a fineness of less than 0.3 denier (5 microns in diameter) are called superfine fibers. Foreign countries have produced ultra-fine filaments of 0.00009 denier. If such a filament is pulled from the earth to the moon, its weight will not exceed 5 grams. my country can now produce 0.13-0.3 denier ultra-fine fibers. The varieties of ultra-fine fiber fabrics include ultra-fine viscose yarn, ultra-fine nylon yarn, ultra-fine polyester yarn, ultra-fine polypropylene yarn, ultra-fine acrylic yarn and so on. Because it is thinner than traditional fibers, ultra-fine fibers are more fluffy and softer than ordinary fibers, and can overcome the shortcomings of natural fibers that are easy to wrinkle and man-made fibers are impermeable. In addition, it also has many irreplaceable excellent properties such as warmth, no mold, no insects, light weight, waterproof and even water absorption.

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