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What Is The Difference Between TR And TPR Materials?

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What is the difference between TR and TPR materials?

TR and TPR are used more frequently in the field of shoe materials. In particular, TR is almost a dedicated vocabulary for the shoe material industry. The material of the sole is rubber and TPR.

Rubber is formed by vulcanization, and its special cross-linked structure makes the rubber sole very good in wear resistance and tear resistance.

TPR, usually refers to SBS thermoplastic styrene butadiene rubber modified material, the flexibility and comfort of TPR soles are better than rubber soles, but the tear resistance and wear resistance are relatively poor.

In order to obtain excellent wear resistance and material flexibility, low-molecular toughening agents and wear resistant agents are usually added to the TPR formula, or rubber blending modification is added to improve the flexibility, tensile elasticity, and resistance of the material. Tear strength and wear resistance, this type of modified TPR material, commonly known as TR.TR material in the shoe material industry, combines the advantages of rubber and ordinary TPR material, and is a thermoplastic rubber material commonly used in the shoe material industry.

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