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Application of Shoe Mould 3D Scanner in the Shoe Industry

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-16      Origin: Site

In the shoe industry, three-dimensional scanning and 3D printing technology are widely used in the shoe industry due to the tangible advantages of integrated molding, high efficiency and high precision. This is a transformative leap for the shoe industry.

There are many traditional shoe mold manufacturing and shoe mold modification processes, which are cumbersome and difficult to improve efficiency. The new three-dimensional shoe mold 3D scanner can greatly reduce the traditional process of manufacturing shoe molds, improve accuracy, and greatly improve efficiency. . At present, most of the shoe mold customers provide samples, and then the shoe mold manufacturers make molds based on the samples. 3D data is inseparable for the processing of shoe molds. If you use a 3D scanner, you can directly obtain the high-detail data of the sample, and then draw the 3D data that can be used for CNC processing.

Traditional measurement method. According to the sample, the 2D drawing master uses traditional measurement tools to "click out" the key card position, obtain the measurement data of the card position, and perform the measurement of the key position of the sample; according to the measurement data, combined with the actual shape of the sample , Use Rhino software to expand the measured data in a two-dimensional form in the software. Then it is handed over to the person who produces the 3D data to create the 3D sole data using Rhino software.

The traditional shoe model manufacturing method has many drawbacks: for example, manual measurement has errors, which easily cause 3D data distortion, the measurement of complex curved surfaces is more difficult, and the manual measurement efficiency is low.

Shoe mold castings have complex patterns and many free-form surfaces, which are difficult and costly to process with CNC. Therefore, shoe mold factories usually produce shoe molds in the way of "upper mold CNC processing, lower mold sand casting", which is prone to deformation, resulting in deviations between the mold and the original 3D data. In addition, the traditional shoe last pattern-making has high requirements for professional masters, and after the shoe last is completed, it is necessary to try the last, try the shoes, and manually modify it. Due to manual errors, it is often repeated several times, which is time-consuming and laborious.

The shoe mold manufacturing method is undergoing a subversive revolution. The traditional shoe mold manufacturing method is no longer competitive, and the accuracy cannot keep up with the development needs of the footwear industry. Xintuo 3D shoe mold 3D scanner uses advanced measurement technology. Algorithms promote the development of digital manufacturing of shoe molds.

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