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What are the types of polyester?

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Polyester: short fiber, stretching, deformation wire, decorative filament, industrial long wire, and various differential fibers.

(1) Polyester fiber fabric

1. According to physical properties: high, medium, low -strength medium extension, high -mode volume, high -strength and high -mode volume

2. According to processing requirements: cotton type, hair type, hemp type, silk type

3. Based by use: clothing, cotton cotton, decoration, industrial use

4. According to functional division: cations can be dyed, hygroscopic, flame retardant, color, anti -static, anti -static

5. Press the fiber cross -section division: heterogeneous wire, medium empty wire.

(2) Polyester long silk fabric

1. For newborn wire: unlatic stretching, semi -pre -retrieved wire, prepaid wire, high -grade wire

2. Stretching: stretching, full stretching, full wire

3. Transformers: conventional deformation wires, stretching deformation wires, air deformation wires.

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