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Do You Know About Nano PU Materials?

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-06-05      Origin: Site

1. Good stain resistance, can be scrubbed with water and alcohol;

2. Good chemical resistance, acid and alkali resistance, no peculiar smell, and mildew resistance;

3. Good light resistance, high light fastness and no fading;

4. Light weight, soft texture and good air permeability;

5. Good physical and mechanical properties, high fold fastness, abrasion resistance, tear strength, peel strength, and tensile strength;

6. The moldability is better than natural leather, and it does not shrink and deform when exposed to water;

7. It has soft lubricity and comfortable hand feeling. The surface texture is the same as natural leather;

8. The utilization rate of leather surface is high, which can reach 98%, which is an ideal substitute for natural suede;

9. No benzene and formaldehyde, excellent environmental performance, it is an ideal substitute for natural leather

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