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Do you know plastico dropping technology in the field of shoes making?

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-07-16      Origin: Site

Dripping technology uses thermoplastic polymer materials with variable state properties, that is, they have viscous fluidity under certain conditions, and they can restore solid properties at room temperature, and use appropriate methods and special tools to inkjet. Under the state of viscous flow, it is shaped into the designed form according to the requirements, and then solidified and shaped at room temperature.

The dripping process has been widely used in the decoration of various trademark nameplates, cards, daily hardware products, travel commemorative badges, exquisite handicrafts and high-end book covers, etc. It is also called micro injection, which is used in knitted cotton and various chemical fiber fabrics. , The surface of the textile is dripped with white or colored epoxy ornaments. It is a kind of PVC silicone-like products, and is a trademark used on bags, backpacks, clothing.... The processing is more complicated. We often say that the Silicone trademark, the Silicone dripping label, the dripping non-woven fabric, the dripping TC cloth, etc. belong to this kind of dripping.

PVC Disu can also be made into Disu shoes, insoles, shoe soles, sofa backs, armrests, table cloths, mahjong table cloths, car interior decorations and other products.


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