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Do you know the type of UV printing ink?

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According to the color base classification, ink can be divided into:

1. Dye inks-inks based on dyes are also the inks currently selected by most inkjet printers.

2. Pigment ink-ink based on pigment.

Second: According to the solvent classification, it can be divided into:

1. Water-based ink-water and water-soluble solvents are used as the primary components to dissolve the color base.

2. Oil-based ink-use non-water-soluble solvent as the primary component to dissolve the color base. The above concepts are interspersed with each other during practical use. For example, some pigment inks may be water-based inks or oil-based inks. However, in terms of its own nature and the practical requirements of UV printers, water-based ink and oil-based ink are absolutely not allowed to appear in the same nozzle.

Third: UV printer ink type:

1. Eco-solvent ink: used in all materials, such as plastic, glass, metal, etc.

2. Professional textile ink: mainly used in textiles.

3. White ink: There are eco-solvent white ink and textile white ink.

4. Coating-free ink: print directly without coating.

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