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Classification of leather

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The types of leather can be roughly divided into three levels: benzene dye, semi -benzene -stained skin and coating leather.

Due to the poor surface covering ability of benzene dyeing, in terms of flaws, the choice of skin body must be much more strict. That is, the source of the skin must be purchased in a higher level, and the semi -benzene dye skin is second. Most of the coating skin is processed into grinding surface pressing flowers and peels. Because the surface of the coating skin is painted on the surface of the paint, and even pressing the pattern (for example: pores, special flower boards, etc.), this class of leather body is obtained. It's easier to get.

There are three categories of procurement of the skin:

1. raw skin (raw hide)

2. Wet Blue

3. Semi -products leather

The three categories of raw materials are also different from their different characteristics. The analysis is as follows: as follows:

The raw skin refers to the stage of undeyling removal. Due to the short preservation time, the difficulty is higher than the latter two. Moreover, it is difficult to judge the quality of its quality before processing, and the judgment of quality during procurement is accumulated based on personal experience. The biggest source is mainly the United States and Canada. It is characterized by large yield

After the first tanning project of the blue wet skin, when the tanning project is turned into cooked skin, it is the blue wet skin. Because the use of blue wet skin can save a lot of front actions, its advantage is that it can reduce pollution of environmental wastewater. However, at the stage of pre -work, the quality of the skin has an absolute impact. To this end, the disadvantage of purchasing blue wet skin is that it is impossible to grasp the previous steps, so that the variable is too large. Therefore, the popularity of blue wet skin is not as good as raw skin. The main sources of blue wet skin are the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, Eastern Europe, and even a few countries in the Soviet Union, Mainland China and Asia.

The semi -finished skin refers to the finished product that has been dyed and dry on the surface. Therefore, if you want to purchase semi -finished skin in color, if you want to respond to the needs of the market, you may have difficulty; especially the popularity of the domestic market is too much. This is why semi -finished skin cannot be popular in the market. Unless it is a low and fixed order, the willingness of general factories to use is very low.

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