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Knowledge about laser cutting machine

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-12-01      Origin: Site

When the laser cutting machine cuts stainless steel, there is a processing method in which the auxiliary gas is oxygen, nitrogen or air. The type of auxiliary gas is selected according to the processing purpose. Of course, the degree of oxidation of the cutting surface is different for different gases, and it also has a certain effect on the cutting speed. When oxygen is used, it doesn’t matter if the edge is oxidized; if nitrogen is used to get the edge without oxidation and burrs, no further treatment is required. Coating the oil film on the surface of the board will get a better perforation effect without reducing the processing quality.

When the thickness of the plate is less than 3mm, the laser cutting machine can achieve high speed because of the oxidation reaction effect. However, when the thickness of the plate is greater than 3mm, the cutting speed of the laser cutting machine can be increased when the nitrogen with good flow of molten metal is used for non-oxidation cutting.

The air condition of the laser cutting machine is close to the processing characteristics of nitrogen, but the effect of the cutting surface roughness and the amount of slag sticking is not as good as that of using nitrogen. The surface hardness of the cut surface after oxidation is about twice that of the original, but the range is small.

This feature of the laser cutting machine and in the non-oxidation cutting with good surface roughness, the rough grinding of the cut surface is not easy to damage, and the processing surface using oxygen is not easy to grind

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