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Knowledge about natural bottom leather

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The structure of the sole is quite complicated. In a broad sense, it can include all the materials that make up the bottom such as the outsole, midsole, and heel.

In a narrow sense, it only refers to the outsole. The common characteristics of general shoe sole materials should have wear resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance, impact resistance, good elasticity, easy to fit the shape of the foot, and not easy to deform after setting. Heat insulation, easy to absorb moisture, etc., and at the same time, it must be matched with the midsole. When walking and changing feet, it has a braking effect to prevent slipping and easy to stop. There are many types of shoe sole materials, which can be divided into two types: natural bottom materials and synthetic bottom materials.

Natural base materials include natural base leather, bamboo, wood, etc., and synthetic base materials include rubber, plastic, rubber-plastic composite materials, recycled leather, and elastic cardboard.

Natural sole leather is a special leather used to make outsoles and inner soles of shoes and boots.

According to the different raw materials used, it can be divided into yellow leather bottom leather, buffalo leather bottom, pigskin bottom leather, etc.; according to different uses, it can be divided into outsole leather, inner leather, main heel leather, and inner toe leather. Etc.; According to the different tanning methods, it can be divided into chrome tanned leather, vegetable tanned leather, combined tanning, etc.;

According to their different levels and parts, they can be divided into cowhide heart leather, cow head leather, cow edge leather, cow shoulder leather and so on.

The characteristics of natural bottom leather: Due to the different tanning methods of natural bottom leather, the properties of natural bottom leather are also different, and each has its own characteristics.

① The characteristics of vegetable tanned bottom leather are: thick leather body, large hard bottom, high nail-holding force, low water absorption, and strong plasticity. But vegetable tanned bottom leather has poor pad resistance.

② The characteristics of chrome tanned bottom leather are: good abrasion resistance, high water absorption, high strength and good heat resistance.

③ The characteristics of the combined tanning base are: the surface performance is basically the same as that of the vegetable tanned base leather, but it has improved heat resistance, abrasion resistance and other properties.

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