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What are the types of textile fabrics?

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1. Weatian knitted fabric

It is usually made of low -elastic polyester yarn or alien polyester gauze, nylon gauze, cotton yarn, wool gauze, etc., using a flat needle structure, a flat needle structure, a tissue tissue, a double -rib flat needle tissue, a littering fabric, a wool ring fabric Wait. Weaving on various weir weir machines. It has a variety of varieties, good elastic elongation, soft fabric, strong anti -wrinkle, strong hairstyle, easy to wash ear. However, it has poor moisture absorption, not hard enough fabrics, and easy to disperse and curl. Chemical fiber fabrics are prone to hair, and they are up and hook.

2. Pure wool woven fabric

Most of the texture, smooth surface, and clear lines. The gloss is natural and soft, and the gloss is soft. The body is refreshing, soft, and elastic. After loosening the material, it loosened and did not wrinkle. Even with a slight crease, it disappears in a short time.

3. Wool and adhesive mixed textiles

The luster is dim. The type of essence feels weak, and the type of wool feels loose. These fabrics are more elastic and harder than pure wool and wool polyester and wool mixed textiles. If the glue content is high, the fabric is easy to wrinkle.

4. Purifying fiber imitation wool fabric

Generally, synthetic fiber is the main material, artificial fiber or color yarn as the auxiliary line, and the synthetic fiber (special silk) is the main material, such as color Lisse, Lels, five dragon silk, tulle silk, etc. Using a suitable fabric structure, you can woven different thickness wool fabrics. This type of fabric has two bamboo -shaped bamboo. It has a natural style of natural fibers. After scientific and reasonable dyeing, the fabric is bright in color, good gloss, refreshing and flexible. Suitable for mass consumption.

5, linen fabric

It is sunshine, ramie, jaoseki, sword linen, banana cloth and other plant fibers. It is usually used to make casual clothes and work clothes, which also produces more than usual summer. Its advantages are very high strength, hygroscopicity, heat conduction and very good breathability. Its disadvantage is that it cannot be worn comfortably and looks rough and rigid.

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