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Several important knowledge points of laser cutting machine

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The stability of a laser cutting machine is often a standard that users focus on when buying a machine. The stable performance of the equipment is not only related to the optical system and operating system, but also often has an important correlation with the firmness, hardness, rigidity, etc. of the machine bed. A stable machine bed is the guarantee for the long-term high-precision operation of the equipment. . Of course, when the performance of the equipment itself is very stable, improper operation may also cause abnormal beam jitter and unstable equipment operation.

Analysis on the stability of laser cutting machine

1. There is a problem similar to the jitter of the beam, which aspects should we start to find the problem

We should check whether there are obstacles on the machine and the tension wheel is loose; secondly, check whether the timing belt, blower pipe, drag chain, etc. are jammed; at the same time, if the guide rail is not cleaned properly, it will cause the equipment to run poorly and cause the beam Jitter; check whether the gap of the slider is too large, whether the beam position is offset, whether the motor, driver, and main board are faulty, and so on. After checking and finding the problem from these aspects, go to solve the problem.

2. It is very important to buy a laser cutting machine with stable performance. At the same time, it is also very important to operate the equipment correctly and master the usage method. Novice operating equipment must be trained by a dedicated person to operate independently, familiar with the equipment structure, performance, and knowledge of the operating system, and must have the ability to judge faults. Let the laser cutting machine give full play to its own machine performance, speed up the production efficiency for its own enterprise, and cut high-precision products that meet customer needs.

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