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What are shoelaces?

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Shoelace, English: Shoelace, Shoestring, is a belt used to tie the inner and outer uppers of the shoes, decorate the uppers, adjust the tightness of the shoes, and ensure the safety of the ankles.

As the name suggests, it is a belt. But this is not an ordinary belt, it is widely used in all kinds of sports shoes, casual shoes, and dress shoes.

According to historical records, as early as 5,000 years ago, humans had used shoelaces for decoration and adjustment. Archaeologists discovered a pair of leather shoes estimated to be 5,500 years old in a mountain cave in Armenia, a Central Asian country. This is the oldest leather shoe discovered. Those well-preserved leather shoes have laces on the toe and back of the shoe.

In today's pursuit of individuality and fashion, shoelaces are not only regarded as a functional product. It is a fashion accessory, used to match different dressing styles. It is the latest accessory to show the personality of wearing shoes.

The common domestic shoelace units are pairs, meters (m), centimeters (cm); foreign trade orders will use yards (1 yard = 0.914 meters), inches and other units. Generally speaking, "a pair of shoelaces in what length" is said in China. The quotation will use the argument of paying 1 meter and 1 pair of meters (that is, the price of a pair of shoelaces with a length of 1 meter).

The raw materials of shoelaces are polyester, acrylic, polyester cotton, etc. The most common is polyester material, which is cheap, has a strong pull-off force, and is relatively resistant to dirt. Followed by polyester cotton.

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