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What are the common types of outdoor insoles?

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-09-27      Origin: Site

1. EVA foam insole

It is derived from the insole of outdoor sports shoes. It is just made of EVA (Ethylene Acetate Polymer) styrofoam cast into the bottom of the foot. It has basically no performance except the cheapest price. Most hiking boots are original. All use this kind of insole.

2. Water pine insole

As early as hundreds of years ago, Europeans have discovered that cork is one of the good materials for making insoles. The advantages of cork pine are light, soft and comfortable, and have natural breathability. The biggest advantage is that it will automatically adjust to the most suitable shape according to the curvature of your feet to ensure fit. The traditional cork insole is made by cutting natural cork into an arc shape of the sole of the foot with a knife, but the modern method has been converted to die-casting. But because the cork is too soft, it can't provide support or other functions besides comfort; in addition, cork insoles are not cheap.

3. Moderate supporting insole

This is also the original insole of some high-end hiking boots. It is an ordinary EVA insole with a curved hard rubber support on the heel part, so that it has a better performance in support and stability.

4. Highly supporting insole

It is a product between ordinary insoles and orthopedic insoles. It is a heel support after adding a precise arc to the EVA insole, and the support range extends to the mid palm, which has better support and stability. It is the highest rated insole currently sold independently.

5. Shock-absorbing insole

It is a shock-absorbing material such as Gel or air cushion added to the heel and forefoot of ordinary EVA insoles, which is most suitable for running or other similar strenuous exercises. In fact, shock-absorbing insoles are not designed for hikers, because the impact of each step of the hiking step is not so strong, but stability and support are the most needed functions of hiking boots and hiking shoes.

6. Orthopedic insoles

If unfortunately your sole is injured and the pain is uncomfortable when walking, then ask a podiatrist to tailor a pair of orthopedic insoles for your sole. Among all kinds of insoles, orthopedic insoles are the most ideal, because they are custom-made for your feet, and they fit your feet in terms of curvature or hardness. It’s just that the cost is really high. Generally, a doctor’s diagnosis and even production have to cost thousands of dollars.

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