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What did the 19 free trade agreements signed by China bring to China?

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-09-10      Origin: Site

According to WTO statistics, as of now, there have been more than 350 free trade agreements in the world. Among them, my country has signed 19 free trade agreements with 26 countries and regions.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, my country has signed 9 free trade agreements, including 8 free trade agreements with individual countries.

In order to comply with the development of international regional economic integration, my country has actively carried out free trade agreement negotiations with foreign trade partners.

Wang Shouwen, Deputy Minister of Commerce and Deputy Representative for International Trade Negotiations, said: "Free trade agreements have a very significant role in expanding my country's trade and investment relations with free trade partners and stabilizing my country's basic foreign trade and foreign investment."

Statistics show that in 2012, free trade partners accounted for only 12.3% of my country's total foreign trade. In 2020, free trade partners accounted for nearly 35% of my country's total foreign trade.

In 2020, the epidemic will have a great impact on global foreign trade, but my country's trade with free trade partners will increase by 3.2%, and trade with non-free trade partners will increase by 0.8%.

In terms of investment relations, in 2020, nearly 70% of my country's foreign investment will be invested in free trade partners, and 84% of foreign investment attracted will come from free trade partners.

According to Wang Wentao, Minister of Commerce, from the perspective of 2020, my country's foreign trade will contribute 28% to economic growth, and it will bring about 180 million jobs.

The foreign-funded enterprises accounted for 2% of the main market, which led to the employment of about 40 million people and contributed 1/6 of China’s tax revenue and 2/5 of my country’s imports and exports.

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