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What is a sea way tray and what are its classifications?

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The Chinese national standard "Logistics Terminology" defines a tray as: a horizontal platform device used for assembly, stacking, handling and transportation to place goods and products as a unit load. As a kind of container equipment similar to containers, pallets are now widely used in the fields of production, transportation, warehousing and circulation, and are considered to be one of the two key innovations in the logistics industry in the 20th century.

As an important loading, unloading, storage and transportation equipment in the logistics operation process, trays are used in conjunction with forklifts to play a huge role in modern logistics. The benefits that pallets bring to the modern logistics industry are mainly reflected in: it can realize the unitization, standardization and standardization of goods packaging, protect goods, and facilitate logistics and business flow. Pallets are also known as pallets and splints.

Classification of trays:

一. Flat tray

Flat pallets have the widest range of use, the largest number of uses, and the best versatility. Flat pallets can be subdivided into three types:

① According to the classification of the table. There are four types: single-sided, single-sided, double-sided and airfoil;

②Classification according to the way of forklift. There are three types: one-way fork-in type, two-way fork-in type, and four-way fork-in type;

③ Classification according to materials. There are five types: wooden flat pallets, steel flat pallets, plastic flat pallets, composite flat pallets and paper pallets.

二. Column tray

Column tray are divided into two types: fixed and detachable. The basic structure is that the four corners of the pallet have steel columns, and the upper ends of the columns can be connected by beams to form a frame type.

The main function of the column tray is to use the column to support the weight and stack it up; the other is to prevent the goods placed on the pallet from collapsing during transportation and loading and unloading.

三. Box tray

Box trays are trays with side panels on all sides. Some boxes have a top panel, and some do not have a top panel. The box board has three types: fixed, foldable, and detachable. The surrounding fence has plate type, fence type and net type. Therefore, the box pallet with fence type is also called cage pallet or warehouse cage. The box-type pallet has strong protection ability, which can prevent stacking and cargo damage; it can load irregularly-shaped goods that cannot be stably stacked, and it has a wide range of applications.

四. Wheel tray

Compared with column  tray and box  tray, wheel  tray have more small wheels at the bottom. Therefore, wheeled pallets show the advantages of short-distance movement, self-handling, or roll-up and roll-down loading and unloading, etc., and have a wide range of uses and strong applicability.

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