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What kind of fabric is alpaca wool?

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Alpaca fleece is a layer of fine fleece on the skin of alpaca, because alpaca is much rarer than rabbits and sheep, so the price of natural alpaca fleece is also high, especially the better quality alpaca fleece, its price It will be even higher. This material has been used by people to produce clothing and other textiles for a long time. The scarcity and high price of materials make the popularity of alpaca wool products not high. The editor of No. 3 Fabric Hall will combine the characteristics of alpaca wool to give Everyone introduce this fabric.

The down of alpaca wool is slender and soft, and the fabric made of it will not be irritating. Its hand feel is comparable to cashmere. Of course, it can also be blended with other chemical fibers or natural fibers. Alpaca wool generally does not cause allergies to human skin. , This type of clothing can be worn with confidence.

Warmth retention is the main feature of cashmere products, and alpaca fleece is no exception. In addition to keeping warm, it also has good air permeability, so alpaca fleece fabric can achieve the purpose of warming in spring and cooling in summer. Alpaca wool can be used to make coats, scarves and other warm fabrics. Due to the high material cost, the price of pure alpaca products is also relatively expensive.

Alpaca wool has better abrasion resistance than cashmere. The fabric is not easy to be damaged or pilling and hair loss. However, care must be taken in maintenance and washing. It is recommended not to wash alpaca, let alone washing with a laundry ball. Take the alpaca products to the dry cleaners nearby for dry cleaning, and pay attention to the washing precautions on the clothes tag.

Because the number of alpaca is far less than that of sheep, the price of alpaca wool will naturally be more expensive than cashmere. However, most of the alpaca wool fabrics currently on the market are blended or imitation alpaca wool.

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